Saturday, February 10, 2007

Only The Cross....

To view God's mercy in its real character, we must go to Calvary.

We must go by faith, under the secret teachings and leadings of the Holy Spirit, to see Immanuel, God with us, in Gethsemane's Garden.

We must view Him . . .

-naked upon the cross,





We must view that wondrous spectacle of love and suffering--and feel our eyes flowing down in streams of sorrow, humility, and contrition at the sight--in order to enter a little into the depths of the tender mercy of God.

Nothing but this can really break the sinner's heart!

Law terrors, death and judgment, infinite purity, and eternal vengeance will not soften or break a sinner's heart.

But if he is led to view a suffering Immanuel, and a sweet testimony is raised up in his conscience that those sufferings were for him--this, and this alone will break his heart all to pieces!


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