Saturday, January 05, 2008

Updated photos of my children

God is good to me, looking forward to Christ's soon return.


  1. Lee, you are truly blessed...what BEAUTIFUL children!

    I think the Lord would even allow you a 'little' pride in the two of them. lol

    The baby is really growing...they both are, actually!

    I forgot to tell you, right before Christmas i became a great-grandmother. My son Richards, step-daughter became a new mother. a little 5 pound-9 ounce girl.

  2. I finally found my password and ID.

    Are these children Happy? You bet they are. Look at the smile on her face. And look how handsome he is.

    Lee, you have a beautiful family.
    Praise the Lord!

  3. thank you Helen and Jaunita, my two daughters make both my wife and me tired, the elder one is active, playful and stubborn, the younger one is gentle and quiet.
    We try to memorize one bible verse with the elder one every night, before she sleeps. She likes to watch the "10 Commandments", a 3D animation production by Promenade Pictures and ten Chimneys Entertainment, check it out as I know you still watch children program.