Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spiritual vomit

"He who covers his sins shall not prosper; but whoever
confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy." Prov. 28:13

True penitential confession is joined with reformation. That
confession of sin which carries forgiveness of sin with it, is
attended with serious desires, and earnest endeavors of
reformation. Confession of sin must be joined with forsaking
of sin—or all is lost. God will never cross the book, He will
never draw the red lines of Christ's blood over the black lines
of our transgressions—unless confessing and forsaking of sin,
goes hand in hand. He who does not forsake his sin, as well
as confess it, forsakes the benefit of his confession.

Indeed, there is no real confession of sin, where there is no
real forsaking of sin. It is not enough for us to confess the
sins we have committed—but we must peremptorily resolve
against the committing again the sins we have confessed.
We must desire as freely to forego our sins, as we do desire
God to forgive us our sins.

Confession of sin is a spiritual vomit. Now you know, a man
who is sick in his stomach, is heartily willing to be rid of that
load on his stomach; and so a man who is real in his confession
of sin, is as heartily willing to be rid of his sin, that lies as a
load upon his conscience, as any sick man can be heartily
willing to be rid of that load that lies upon his stomach.

The penitential confessor does as heartily desire to be delivered
from the power of his sins—as he does desire to be delivered
from the sting and punishment of his sins.

Excerpt from Cabinet of Choice Jewels
By Thomas Brooks, 1669

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  1. Great post Lee....

    some harsh reality, but very true.

    Just as when we're sick in the natural and need to 'bring up' the cause at times, its the same with sin sickness. True repentance will do this.

    How wonderful we feel, to have allowed God to purge clean and 'well'!!

    You see im thanks for helping me with my password problem.