Monday, August 28, 2006

Unbelief; Father Forgive them for they Know not.

Tho silent before men, He {Jesus} was not silent before God;

pain of past or of present let us go to God in prayer.

charles Spurgeon.

Unbelief; Father forgive them for they know not

was it fear of death that caused them to cry "can He not prepare a table for us in the wilderness? " {unbelief}

was it fear of death that caused them to say " shall He take us out of Egypt only to have us die in the wilderness?" {unbelief}

Were His wonderous works before them not enough for them to believe,

That He should be thoughtful enough to know their needs?

The overflow of what they had asked came. He knew their desires. Many had fallen, yet God said: they are of flesh. He remembered.

and it was through His rememberance that He saved those few for His Name's Sake; His personal Glory.

As the waves, winds and rains come, in the heat of burning despair know He is mindful of us. Know He knows your need. Know He is your defense.

in past, in present, through suffering and hard times; through the fears of the facing elements, Trust God.

The people the Lord spoke of in the Holy Scriptures were those He set apart for Himself. In the Bible they are called Israelites. Under the oppression and abuse of a Worldly Government God had heard their cries and sent one called Moses. Moses believed God and led a chosen people into the wilderness that they might Worship Him.

Today we have One called Jesus. He too came to set apart a chosen people from a Worldly Government. The Worldly Government of Pride. The difference between Moses and Jesus is that while Moses was a mere man used as an Instrument of God, Jesus was not just a mere man. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending".

We have been given " Life Eternal" through following Jesus; believing on Him.
He is leading us into a Wilderness so that we Might Worship Him. Moses told his people that God would give to them a Promise Land filled with Milk and Honey. This promise was to those who believed God. Again we can peacefully know and believe God will take us through the wilderness of this life as long as we Believe Jesus in His everlasting Promise: " I am the way, the truth and the Life", ye will see His promise Land.

Jesus knew His defense


  1. Good word sunshine.

    Many of God's people today are walking in unbelief, sad to say.

    No longer do they depend on Him who called & saved them, believing that He will carry them thru' until the end. Instead they are depending on themselves.

    I believe much of this is a denying of the Holy Spirit, as Paul told Timothy would indeed happen in the last days.

    again, good word sunshine.

  2. thanks Sunshine, the World Government of Pride? yes I agree with you, it is based on exalting the Human Potential, the "God" within us. Self sufficiency against dependence on God.

  3. As I could invision Pharoah as being apart of the World Government of Pride, I too could invision the Hardness of Heart to which is arising with each Rod of Judgment that is stirred upon this earth.

    Once again I see the open wide expansion of a desert and the only way we will cross over is to Trust in Jesus.

    May our Lord keep you hedged in Him always.